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Accepted Papers

Accepted Contributions

  • How do Lonely, Young Adults Perceive Interactive Technologies With Varying Human-Likeness? An Experimental Lab Study. Aike Horstmann and Jacqueline Boußard

  • How to use a cognitive architecture for a dynamic person model with a social robot in human collaboration Thomas Sievers and Nele Russwinkel

  • Personalising Humanoid Robot Behaviour Through Natural Language Simone Gallo, Giacomo Vaiani and Fabio Paternò

  • Interviewing stakeholders on the teleoperation of last-mile delivery robots Einat Grimberg, Avishag Boker and Joel Lanir

  • Investigating the relationship between empathy and attribution of mental states to robots Alberto Lillo, Alessandro Saracco, Elena Siletto, Claudio Mattutino and Cristina Gena

  • A Proposal for Adapting Robot Behaviours Using Fuzzy Q-learning in Cognitive Serious Game Scenarios Eleonora Zedda and Fabio Paternò

  • Enhancing Cognitive Training: Investigating the Impact of a Suggestion-Offering Robot on Performance and Satisfaction Flavio Ruggiero, Marco Matarese, Alessandra Sciutti and Mariacarla Staffa

  • Investigating the Role of Immersive Technologies in Visual Rehabilitators Training Mattia Barbieri, Silvio Sabatini and Giulio Sandini

  • Train the Brain with SERENI Benedetta Catricalà, Marco Manca, Fabio Paterno, Carmen Santoro and Eleonora Zedda